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Are you trying to find the time to search for accounting and bookkeeping services for your business while juggling all of the other balls you have in the air? If so, we are here to help and our accounting and bookkeeping referral service is completely free for you!

Not only will we save you money, we will save you the labor intensive yet important work involved in locating and interviewing bookkeeping accounting professionals on your behalf. We will assess their experience and areas of expertise and match accounting professionals to your company’s requirements. All of our free accounting and bookkeeping expert referrals are custom-made just for you by our diligent research team.

With a detailed initial interview, we will locate the ideal accounting and bookkeeping specialist for your small or medium sized business. Sponsored by, we are not a computerized accounting and bookkeeping directory service; we are real, knowledgeable human beings that will remove the burden of finding this important member of your small business team from your shoulders. We take the time to talk and listen to you, assess your needs and work with you so all of your accounting and bookkeeping requirements are met. We pride ourselves on providing professional service to each of our clients every step of the way.


Human Companies, Inc. is a Boston-based small business support group specifically focusing on providing small business owners, at no charge, accounting and bookkeeping professional referrals with a human touch. Our company takes pride in providing accounting and bookkeeping referrals whose services can save you as much as 20-60% off what you are currently paying! When our professional research team begins working for you, you will have the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business that require your attention. Contact us today and begin enjoying the benefits of our accounting and bookkeeping referral services.

We match small to medium sized businesses with accounting and bookkeeping experts by geographic location, prices, services offered and credentials. We ensure that small and medium sized businesses get the finest accounting and bookkeeping professionals possible because we thoroughly screening tax professionals, bookkeepers and accountants. We are sales and accounting professionals and we provide great relationships in exchange for revenue share so our services are beneficial for everyone! Small businesses are matched, free of charge, with accounting and bookkeeping specialists that have the skills, education and experience that correspond to the company’s needs, and the accounting and bookkeeping providers benefit by growing their customer bases with the precise clients they desire.

As in all specialized professions, most accounting and bookkeeping professionals excel specifically in what they do. They are focused on accounting, reconciling accounts and preparing financial reports, etc. but, they are not good sales people and usually don’t possess the sales and marketing resources and experience to market their accounting bookkeeping services effectively. It can take accounting and bookkeeping firms years to develop their customer bases or they end up spending a small fortune purchasing someone else’s practice. We provide a platform to connect the hidden treasures of qualified accounting and bookkeeping professionals to our clients.

Human Companies, Inc. does not offer professional advice. No statement herein should be construed as such.

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